Monday, February 25, 2008

In the Spirit Of Heightening and Furthering Discussion

I have removed the two blogs that apparently offended a number of individuals--no it wasn't because of you Jesse, and it wasn't the station. It simply is a matter of me not fanning that particular issue, and thinking the better of it from Mark's reaction. But notice...Gladys and some is possible to remove what others may find offensive from your site...and the sky does not fall! Try it sometime. It feels good. I said before, it is more important for the conversation to continue at a better pitch, and I am sure that different imagery could still have made my point.
P.S.: I still detest the "nation within a nation" argument, and wholly disagree with the sovereignty argument. But we will leave that for another day.

1 comment:

Bellicose Bumpkin said...

Thanks Adam,

It's very big of you to pull it down.

Note to all - I once pulled down a whole forum when it offended people - Adam in particular.

Let's not beat on this drum any longer.