Sunday, February 24, 2008

Why anonymous blogs are not posted on this site

Anonymity is the source of legalized libel and slander on the internet. My aim here is to post those posts made by responsible persons. If you are willing to put your name to the comment I will publish it--even if it comes under anonymous but has a signature, as long as it is appropriate. No, the questions are not too tough or rough--but I do not always have time to answer them.

As to at least one person who has asked why I do not publish their comments, I have found that person to be completely irresponsible as to the use of blogs and the off issue libelous comments that continue to be posted on their site. I have no obligation to meet that person's needs, and I am sure that that person really has no need to communicate with me anyway. Sorry darling, when you grow up, maybe we can talk.

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