Saturday, May 3, 2008

New Town Manager Selection

I have gotten a lot of flack for the fact that I did not vote for Mr. D'Agostino, and that my choice was Mr. Cristello. For those nay sayers, I suggest that they read the entire Court file of the proceedings to get the flavor of the matter, rather than rely on blogs and newspapers--both of which generally have a dubious relationship with "fact." Also, ask yourself the hypothetical question: When seeking the CEO of a company--who is, among other things, charged with the hiring and firing of employees--do you select someone with a verdict against them and their prior employer? My view is that we have enough controversy in our own "company" and that what we need is a little more of a low key managerial environment.

I looked for a steady hand, not an iron fist, and I welcome Mr. Cristello into our Town, and wish the best to Mr. D'Agostino, who is a highly talented, well spoken individual. I have no doubt that he will prosper in anything that he does.

And by the way, Pat Rogers and Steve Spataro deserve credit for making the choice unanimous. They acted in the best interests of the Town and impressed me with their incredible professionalism in the action they took. Thanks guys.

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Dave said...

I applaud your endorsement of Mr. Cristello, while all of the candidates were well qualified, he was clearly the candidate with the least baggage.

The unanimous endorsement by the BOS and you willingness to open the floor
to public comment during the deliberations, indicates the start of a new era of openness and accountability for the Town and the BOS.

Keep up the good work!