Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A United Middleborough

We have been disappointed at the apparent confusion (and more than a bit of criticism) from our listeners of late. It seems that they have been disappointed with our recent line up of guests, and the manner in which we have treated them – alleging that its counter to our pro-casino stance. We are for the casino project, but we just wanted to speak to this point for a moment:

We did not start this program to talk pro-casino all the time. If that had been our intent, we would have called the show “Pro-Casino Talk.” We started this show to explore ALL issues, and hear ALL points of view.

It is disheartening to hear criticism of guests based solely on their casino stance, the most recent criticism regarding Tom Calter. We hope that you can see our point of view: Tom Calter, regardless of his position on Indian gaming, is still a Representative of the Town of Middleborough. We strive to never find ourselves so focused on a dissenting point of view, that we become insulting or rude to ANY guest. It is our hope that Coffee Shop Talk will bring opposing sides some understanding of one another. This is a crucial time in our local politics (as well as our national politics) and we need to be tolerant of opposing views. For Middleborough, specifically, a town that allows division at this moment in time will only hurt itself.

We appreciate everyone who has supported the show thus far. We enjoy hearing from all of you, and welcome your personal opinions and encourage you to express your personal beliefs - that is the basis of all good conversation and debate. We hope that you understand that this program is a forum for you to express yourselves and hope that you are not waiting for us to express those beliefs on your behalf. It would be presumptuous for us to speak on your behalf. We would much rather speak with you.

We hope that this clears up any misgivings people have had of late.


Adam & Victoria Bond


Bellicose Bumpkin said...

Maybe you should have me back on the show and we'll stage a fight to appease the listeners .....

Anonymous said...


Nice sentiment but unfortunately this is too little too late. You should have thought about ALL points of view before ramming the IGA on Middleboro without input from ALL involved. Middleboro is fodder for the media. This town has become a circus. Residents are angry and battle lines have been clearly drawn thanks to the Middleboro BOS. You should have thought about a "united Middleboro" long before now. Unfortunately, it looks like you are back pedaling just like the Tribe.


JohnL said...

I propose a tickle fight using turkey feathers. Barring that, perhaps a blindfolded chili cheese fry eating contest at the Central.

Anonymous said...


With your viewpoint, we would all prepetuate error, rather than learn from past experience. Nice sentiment...not my preference. AMB