Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's A Dog's Life


Anonymous said...

Mimi doesn't like dogs. Understandable because she did have a horrific experience with dogs attacking and killing her sheep. I'm sure this was a difficult thing to stumble across.

However, ending the discussion by suggesting the dog be put down? Well, that just shows her lack of objectivity.

She's allowing her emotional reaction to control the decisions she makes in an official capacity.
That's dangerous for any citizen who has to approach the board with an issue she might have a personal problem with.

Electing her to the board was not our finest hour.

AMB said...

Having been a staunch supporter of her when she ran, I can nowsay I was wrong. Many people told me not to support her, but I did anyway. There is something to be said for listening to people who have been here longer and experienced more.

Again, boy was I wrong!

Anonymous said...

Mimi has shown to all of us that she has agenda's not conducive to the well being of the governed individual but conducive to the Tribe, herself,and her husband.
Starting with wanting a say of who would be the next fire chief)her husband a volunteer).
Next attending Tribal meetings even thought the BOS is in conflict of Interest attending meetings that are held with those of contractual interests with the town.
Next, having full usuage of the BOS rules for her own agenda to by pass rules everyone else must adhere to.
Next, putting a dog down by her say so, before a hearing of individuals to defend their rights. A law broken of the United States of America." all are proven innocent until proven guilty". If the individuals owning the dog was not able to attend, than the board should have set another meeting.
How much more do we have to listen to this board before they realize, that we govern them, they do not govern us?
They are chipping away, one by one our democracy that the " Declaration of Independence" has guaranteed us.