Wednesday, April 8, 2009

UPDATED: The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

I have sent the following request today. They have until April 20,2009.

I just came back from the Town Clerk's Office, and she says there is nothing in the Charter or the By-Laws that dictates how the Selectmen's meeting is run. So, as far as the Town Clerk knows, there are no rules that govern the meeting. Let's see what the Selectman's Secretary has to say.


bogofree said...

So it is like Thuderdome when Raggety Man (Mel Gibson) goes in to do battle to the death with Master Blaster. The MC says "I'd explain the rules but there isn't any."

Meowia said...

Just out of curiosity -- which rules of order were followed when you were Chairman?

Moderator said...

Robert's Rules. But I admit that we never formally adopted them--which was wrong. When Wayne Perkins was Chair, we also used Robert's Rules. Again, not formally adopted, and when it suited the BOS needs during his Chairmanship, IMO the rules were bent.

Perhaps Meowia believes that we should do it as it has always been done...or maybe the errors should be corrected. That would be a nice change.

Meowia said...

Thanks for the info, Adam. I watched the BOS meeting from home and I was perplexed by McKinnon's motion, having assumed that there had to be rules in place already for this sort of thing. I was even more perplexed when no one would second the motion! It seemed harmless enough. Things are getting clearer and I agree that the rules should be formally adopted.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Adam. Keep at 'em. Maybe someday, we'll have a board of people who know how to run a meeting AND listen to the citizens.

Now wouldn't that be nice?