Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Been Thinking...

I've been thinking about the BOS and their "basis" for believing that the Wampanoag letter gives sufficient guarantees that the money the BOS wants to spend won't be demanded back. Charlie said he spoke to counsel, and counsel said he was satisfied. Al Rullo said he wasn't sure, but it seemed to him, from what Charlie said counsel said, that the Town was protected.

So let's see...based on a discussion that Charlie had, that we know nothing about and the contents of which are a mystery to everyone; and based on Charlie's interpretation of what counsel allegedly said to him; and based on Al Rullo's "understanding of what Charlie told him the conclusion of the conversation was, that Al was not a part of...the BOS is comfortable with that weasley and deceptive letter that the Tribal Leaders sent that contradicts what Cromwell said at the original April meeting. Makes wondorous sense to me in an Alice in Wonderlan sort of way.

Makes me really want to see counsel put that opinion in writing for all to read and see. I hate to rely on double hearsay...since it is just like a game of telephone. Maybe someone wants to show a semblance of inteligence and get a WRITTEN opinion from counsel BEFORE we move forward and spend the money!

Not only do the laws of physics cease to exist at the entrance to the BOS meeting room, but apparently, so do the laws of logic and just plain common sense. Stunning!


Anonymous said...

If you watch the last BOS meeting where the casino funds spending was discussed you'll see (during the 'other' comment period) Mr. Frawley said he would like to see a written opinion from Whittesly and was told the town would have to pay for it.

Maybe we could use the pre planning monies for that?

Mrs. Brunelle also assured Mr. McKinnon that if they were wrong then Mr. McKinnon could say "I told you so". What a wonderful reassurance.

Our BOS is incompetent when it comes to all things casino related.

Anonymous said...

As a lawyer, I'm sure that you see what kind of trouble people can get into if they rely on hearsay.

It is pure laziness not to do your own research and/or confirm reported facts. It seems to be a consistent problem with the Middleboro BoS.