Monday, October 19, 2009


Well, Steve tried to get the BOS to discuss the Board's lack of a constitutional process in quasi judicial hearings, based on the loss of the Town's second unsuccessful appeal of the dog hearing. The BOS wanted to wait to read the decision--a single sentence.

The BOS stated that they have been doing the process this way for years, and the Chair saw no problem with the process as it was executed in the specific hearing. Some time in November they may address the issue.

It was a good try Steve, but you are paddling against the tide. They don't want to correct the process, because they don't really understand their obligations to the citizens of Middleborough. They prefer to prepetuate error rather than to become introspective and correct the previous violations of the constitutional rights of those in Middleborough.

This will lead to future reversals, and future lawsuits in the nature of civil rights violations. All this nonsense is a costly process -- costly to the taxpayers of Middleborough.

What did it cost to twice appeal the dog hearing--and what will it cost if they decide to appeal it again. Will they subject themselves to a civil rights action, or will they be charged with costs and attorney fees if they lose?

I am glad that the Chair has decided to bless the reversed process. It will make me feel better the next time that my rights are violated.


Anonymous said...

I watched and can't believe how stubborn these little dictators are.

Anonymous said...

This is the leadership we are saddled with due to voter apathy. I'm discussed with the BoS and the people in this town who don't vote!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Adam
what is the cost for the disgusted Middleborough citizens to hire you for a class action suit for violiation of constitutional rights?
Can we do that?