Monday, May 17, 2010

Very Interesting

Do we really ever know what's happening in Middleborough? Check this out!!!!


Anonymous said...

WTF!?! So the board voted to have an open meeting with the tribe and what did they do? They back doored it by having Charlie Cristello have the meeting -- presumably without representation from the board? How is it the "town" has apparently been aware of this information for "weeks" but we had selectmen sitting there, the other night, telling us that we "just have to wait" and there was nothing to report? I realize that the town probably can't stomach a recall but dear Lord -- if ever one were appropriate...Someone's head needs to roll for this and if I were Charlie Cristello, I'd start covering my ass.

Wally Glendye said...

I am disappointed like many others as to what has happened and am eating a big bowl of crow. Once the new financial backers came on board it became very clear that changes were going to happen. Our town was open and welcoming to the Tribe and many of us are upset at the lack of respect given to us. I don’t think there is any chance for litigation since the land can’t get into trust and they have the right to walk away. The way they did it however slapped the face of everyone in this town whether you were for or against the Resort.

Congratulations to all who fought against it, you deserve to celebrate!

It’s now time to put it behind us and try to mend fences with our neighbors.

AMB said...

In addition to mending fences, it is really important to change the way in which the BOS does business and the way in which the BOS personifies all issues. There needs to be a system and a process that is followed, as well as a business logic that is demanded. This deal was not taken away from the Tribe, it was lost by the BOS who did not act at 4 very specific points in the progress of the IGA. Those failures to act allowed the Tribe to walk away from the deal with little or not resistance. It did not need to happen this way, but when you fail to act decisions get made for you.

Wally Glendye said...

My biggest concern when the land got sold was 40b housing on the site. I have the same fears again now that the Resort is gone.

Our School System is falling apart, Teachers are getting laid off, Sports have been cut, our Police Department needs a new home, our Veterans need help and we have no money. It's time for everyone to get together and start focusing on these issues

I think we're in for a rough couple of years Adam.

AMB said...

Not really. Now is the time for Middleborough to go all out on an opposition to the Land Into Trust. In other words, to now oppose on paper any consideration of taking the land into trust as our support was predicated on a certain set of facts that have not come to pass.

Wally Glendye said...

It will be interesting to see how our Governor responds since he is against Tribal Casinos. It sounds like a 3rd License is going to be part of the Senate's Bill. Otherwise, they would have to start all over with a new Envionmental Impact Statement on that land.

Looking forward to the BOS Meeting!