Sunday, September 14, 2008

Removal Of My Prior Blog

The removal of this blog seemed to be fairly innocuous from my point of view, but if others are bothered by its removal, I am not bothered by republishing it. A simple phone call to me would have accomplished the same purpose. Enjoy the apparently slow news day. By the way, if anyone has a copy of the blog to Shawn, please e-mail a copy and I also will restore that blog post.

Thank You Shawn

Shawn Hendricks:

Thank you for the various discussions today to resolve the issues that
arose regarding the compact negotiation fiasco. You have renewed my
faith in the partnership we have forged, and I accept your
representation that the omission was an oversight.

As I understand it now, the Town will issue its letter of support for
negotiations to begin (and the final version will be subject to a BOS
vote), and you have told the State that Middleborough should
be involved in any discussions which affect the host community. I
agree, and I believe that pretty much all such compact discussions will
affect the host community, as I expect our letter of support
will indicate and clarify.

I also believe that our future as partners will be best served with
better communication between the two groups, and I trust that you can
appreciate the great sensitivity that each of us has when it
comes to dealing with the State. However, I am currently content that
the Tribe has told the State in its letter that Middleborough will be at
the table, and that you have represented to me that you
agree that most, if not all, discussions regarding a compact actually
would affect Middleborough as the host community, and that Middleborough
is the only one that can actually make that
determination. I look forward to your notification as to when the State
wishes to commence its negotiations.

Thank you for reaching out, and thank you for correcting the oversight.

Adam M. Bond

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Outrageous Misfortune

The IGA with the Tribe states that: "...the Tribe agrees to support the Town's effort to receive a reasonable portion of any payments which the Tribe agrees to pay to the Commonwealth..."

Consider the above language, and then consider the fact that the Tribe unilateralliy has requested to open negotiations with the State for a compact (ignoring the fact that page 2 of the IGA states that the Tribe AND the Town will jointly make such a request)--with no mention of Middleborough being at the table for the talks. As our reputed partners and friends know, Middleborough is rendered by the Tribe unable to make any "effort to receive a reasonable portion," where the Tribe has given us no notice that the negotiations were formally going to be requested, and without any invitation to be at the talks. The only place that Middleborough can make its effort is at the compact bargaining table, and their failure to invite us eviscerates our right to make an "effort." The spirit and the letter of the agreement make it absolutely clear that we should be present, or our rights have been irreparably harmed.

Recall, that the IGA is predicated explicitly on the "expectation of further remuneration" from the State. Remember that Middleborough supported the land into trust on the express basis of an "expectation of remuneration from the State." How is it that, as partners, this current scenario places Middleborough on the outside looking in.

I expect I simply am overreacting to an excusable oversight by the people who are asking for the compact negotiations. I similarly expect that the oversight will promptly be rectified, as I am not alone (by a long shot), on those that support the project, but are awkwardly surprised by this apparent lack of mutual respect for the partnership.

My opinion, is that Middleborough has a right to be at the compact negotiations, the Tribe has an obligation to provide us with the opportunity to put forth the "effort to receive a reasonable portion of any payments which the Tribe agrees to pay to the Commonwealth," and the Governor should welcome our input in the compact negotiations.

But, I support the project, and hope the Tribe supports its partnership with Middleborough, enough to repair this wound. Successful partners work together, keep each other informed, and I expect that to hold true here. If it doesn't, is there any reason to continue to support an illusory partnership.
Posted by AMB at 8:59 PM
Anonymous said...

Now you know how it feels. This is exactly what the Middleboro BOS did to the residents of Middleboro by not allowing us to have a voice or participation in the IGA. Leaving Middleboro out of the compact negotiations with the State is a very intentional oversight. The Tribe, inevstors, and the State do not care about small town Middleboro. It is about time you - and the rest of the BOS - open your eyes and see this process for what it truly is.


September 3, 2008 8:58 AM
carverchick said...
As much as I disagree with your support of the project, I agree with you that the Tribe needs to honor its agreement with your Town. I personally don't see it as an oversight, but I am cynical of the process and the integrity of Tribal leaders who, in my eyes, continue to show that their word means nothing to them and the host Town and surrounding community means nothing to them either. Make sure they honor the agreement. They owe you that, not only because of the agreement, but because of the constant support you have shown them throughout this process. I hope for everyone's sake, this is not a glimpse of things to come if the casino is built.

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