Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Wow! There are still some who know how to play it right!

Cape Cod Times on January 14, 2009.

"In a motion filed Monday opposing [Mashpee's] motion to dismiss, the Binghams cited the suspension of current tribe Chairman Shawn Hendricks, Marshall's protege, as a basisto negate the agreementmade between Mashpee and the tribe." The Article in the Cape Cod Times continues: "Hendricks was at the helm as the deal was finalized, and the questions about his integrity provide a basis to challenge that agreement..."

Imagine that...even members of the Tribe (now unshunned) can see the legal soundness of the position that a possible omission to disclose alleged fraudulent activities relating to the project can provide a basis for returning to the table to talk. They couldn't possibly be rascists...these are members of that very same tribe. They couldn't be way off base, or the court will sanction them for raising a frivolous defense. Maybe they actually listen to their legal counsel and actually know how to deal with a transaction that can't possibly be dealt with from a small town mentality.

Are they just kicking themselves while they are down? Are they turn coats to their own tribe? No. They are simply being proactive in attempting to protect the interests of the majority of their tribe by revisiting issues that may have the taint of impropriety. Perhaps the Town of Middleborough and its elected officials still have much to learn from the Tribe and the Binghams. Maybe they can see past the small farmstand and look at the bigger picture to try to consider that the right way to play this out is not desperation but persperation.

Just my opinion as a citizen and a single (and outvoted) member of the Board of Selectmen.


Anonymous said...

Your efforts to open talks with the tribe and revisit the IGA make good horse sense to me. Even though I would prefer not to see a casino built in Middleboro, if it were to become a reality the terms of the project should benefit the residents of Middleboro as much as possible. Considering that millions are at stake, the other members of the BOS should consider the interests of this town first and not any percieved loyalties to the tribe. The IGA should be reviewed for fraud first, then for fair monetary consideration. Anyone with any understanding of business deals and contracts should see that we may only have a small window of opportunity to widen Middleboro's slice of the pie in the event that the LIT is granted, especially considering that the deep recession may be followed by raging inflation. The original $7M-$9M could significantly lose value in a struggling economy.

I am very disappointed that a few anti bloggers seem to be more focused on their personal animosity toward you rather than the best interests of the town.

I would encourage you to continue to proceed on the path you are now following.

Barry Kravitz

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stepping forward and making an effort to wake the rest of the BOS up. As for your critics, there are just going to be some people you can never please.

Janice Castello, New Bedford
formerly from Middleboro