Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Middle Class Doldrums

I am sure that you all have heard it before...but here it is again! I am sick to death how the middleclass is so abused and misused by those who claim to represent us. We are to rich for assistance and too poor to afford what we need. Our taxes continually go up, as do our costs of living, and we continue to pay the steady wages of our federal, state, and local employees--while we pay our own way for health insurance, retirement, and all other costs.

I would love to have a pension (it would save me the trouble of saving in an IRA). I would love not to pay the equivalent of a second mortgage for my family health insurance. But I have no choice, because I have to pay for everyone else's pesion and healthcare costs. Heck, I have to pay my State Representatives for their salaries, as well as their stipends for travel and their pay for committee appointments. What a racket!

I want to know where our next President will draw the line. I want to know where the Governor will draw the line. Oops! I forgot. Government employees and officials vote and lobby--the middleclass is too busy working.

Sorry. Just needed to get that off my chest.

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