Friday, April 3, 2009

"The "Geniuses" that negotiated the agreement..." -- Candidate McKinnon

After going back and listening to the show from yesterday, this is the phrase that was used by Candidate McKinnon. Go back and listen, and by the way, there is no delay button in the studio.

Hope this clarifies this manufactured issue, since it only seems to be an issue that has come up between "Friends." Don't hurt yourselves actually trying to address the issues or substance. To do that would take an attention span. Just keep looking at the pretty pictures and shiny objects.


Bellicose Bumpkin said...

McKinnon clearly said "geniuses", and apologized to you - because of your role in the IGA.

What I think that exchange shows more than anything is two people who disagree on that issue, have consideration for other's feelings, and can interact and behave like intelligent adults. These are qualities that this BOS needs desperately and qualities that are sorely lacking in people entrenched in their little circles.

This cheap shot on McKinnon comes from a mean spirit, a lack of intelligence, a lack of reason, or all of the above.

Nocasino said...

Unfortunately the issues are not being discussed and personal attacks have become the norm. The making of, and the continuous playing of the cheap seats-crap audio is disappointing.

The cheap shot at Steve McKinnon has taken it to another level. I hope that this is not what Middleboro Poilitics has become.

Tell me what you will do if elected or re-elected and stop the BS.

JohnL said...

When the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail.

RedFish said...

The cheap seats crap audio tells you precisely what will CONTINUE if Spataro and ultimately Marsha are reelected. I agree with you on the other stuff.

BlueFish said...

What could possibly be wrong with playing that audio. It is what they said, and it is how they feel. When defending himself, Spataro even upped the ante and called the same cheap seats people "rabid followers." That could be the next verse of the audio.

bogofree said...

I was "forced" to listen to this tape a few times due to the ardent discussion on my blog - if you can call a half dozen a discussion. The tape sounded like background noise from The Big Bang and I could not hear anything that would come even close to making this an issue.

I am still trying to determine exactly what Jewliss is? I've heard every slang expression you can in my lifetime and this is a new one on me.

Seems like the explanation has been given by the host. Non issue.