Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Spataro Apparently Reveals a Town Breach of The IGA

First go to

This is where Spataro lauds a consultant report on the potential for hospitality businesses coming to Middleborough. He then states that Middleborough used casino planning money for the study. He then finishes that it is a concept that is not part of the casino project.

Which is it Steve? The report is part of the Pre-Opening Mitigation or it is not? You say it is not but you used the money anyway. Is this what you really mean, or do you, once again, not know what it is the Town signed? I suspect you just don't know what you are saying, and that the consulting report actually is being paid for by casino planning money because the casino will potentially bring hospitality business.

If you really mean what you have said (and I sure hope that you are not that careless a Selectman), then the Town has breached the IGA, Section 5(A), entitled "Pre-Opening Mitigation-Planning." Did you read it? If not, let me help you out. The key language states that the annual $250K/year shall be for the "purpose of mitigating the Town's staff and outside consulting costs for supporting the planning, development, and coordination of the Project...." But you say "its not tied to that"--meaning the Resort Casino, or the Project.

So, as I said, Mr. Spataro either did not know what he was saying in response to Mr. Giavanoni's question, or he is revealing that the Town has improperly used funds from the Tribe to pay for non-Project oriented consulting. I'll bet on Steve being ignorant before I would ever accuse him of being dishonest.

I am just glad to see this BEFORE the Saturday election.


Anonymous said...

I listened to the radio show today and I heard Mr Mckinnon say something about the negotiating lawyers. He then said "Im sorry Adam" you followed up with no problem and just moved on.

What did he call the lawyers? and why did he say he was sorry?

Moderator said...

He didn't call the lawyers anything. What he did was criticize the fact that there is no retroactivity to the CPI adjustment, and that because of that the Town was losing money on the $7M for each tear that the Resort did not open. He criticized the negotiators for that--and he is right that it was a mistake financially. I said it was O.K. that he was making the criticism, because I agree with him. It was negotiated that way because the Tribe assured us we were looking at an 18 to 24 month period--another fraudulent inducement.

Anonymous said...

"He criticized the negotiators for that"

I hear what you are saying. I guess my question to you wasn't clear enough. I'll rephrase it.

The way it came across the radio it sounded like Mr Mckinnon used the phrase..

"Jew Lawyers" to criticize?

Is this what was said? A yes or no answer would be appreciated.

It would clear the air and your listeners could move on.

Thank You for your time.

Moderator said...
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Moderator said...

Moderator said...
First, you are the only sick puppy to even raise the issue, and I can only guess which rock you may have come out from under. But to answer your ridiculous comment--and I note anonymous, synonymous with coward--Steve said "You" Lawyers.

But I suspect you already knew that and simply wanted to start an issue--or maybe just have a forum in which to use the phrase "Jew Lawyer."

Nice. Next time use a name, or I won't publish your comment. And I hope you share this with your "Friends."

Anonymous said...

Great response, Moderator. I like reading blogs that won't allow commentors to stir up trouble.

Thanks for keeping it above board. I will be sure to keep coming back.