Saturday, April 4, 2009

The Infamous "Adam Who?" Button Surfaces

The Button! The Button! It has finally surfaced! It is not really this pretty...I just enhanced it with my own personal touches to at least make it worthy of mention.

Any way...I have made it to the Big Leagues. Adam Bond paraphanalia and memorabilia finally exists! This is a fantastic advance in my self esteem (as I have now, as Steve Spataro says, acheived my 15 mins of fame). However, I am worried about the minds that conjured the concept (particularly the black and white color scheme). Please note that they have the chutzpah to wear them...but not the generosity to give me one...just one freaken button!

I even heard that BB had asked for one, but that they--they who?--took a vote that he couldn't have one, unless Helen said it was O.K. Helen who? Who took a vote? A vote...are you kidding me? Recount...Recount...I want an Al Franken freaken recount!!!!!

In fact, I was told by another gentleman that you could even see them if you go to Willy's Auto Supply, where the owners will proudly display one for you. Auto supplies and Adam novelties--a powerful inventory in any recession. Glad to help.

Dominique D'Angelis from Oak Pointe was seen wearing one while holding signs for the Friends' candidate picks for this election. Their candidates must share the same view and choice of method as must all their Friends--is that who voted? I kid you not...voted!

C'mon don't have to act like Friends, instead, you actually could be sports and just share one button--just drop one in my office mail slot. If it makes you more comfortable, you can do it on a dark night when you won't be seen (except by the security cameras). I am certain that the shadows become you all.

By the way Mr. Spataro, where is the vote to send me a letter for my years of service to the Town. I must have missed it...but I don't think it would have passed anyway. I mean a guy can't even get a freaken button around this Town (or should it be town--that's right, who cares?).

Love and kisses to the button maker and your Friends,

Adam Who?


Anonymous, You Know Why said...

I have a button, but it has no color. Can I have one of yours?

Moderator said...

I just ordered a bunch of the psycadelic buttons which should be in within two weeks. I'll take orders for them, and sell them for $5 a piece, with the proceeds going to ALS research. Let me know who wants one and I'll do trade ups from the dreary brown and white one's that were made.

By the way, I think some "Adam Who?" enamel lapel pins would really be cool. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

How about t-shirts sold for charity with Adam's face on Dr. Seuss' "Horton" saying "Adam Hears a Who"? I'd buy 2 XLs and 1 XXL.

Personally, I am a bit flabberghasted at the way the 'Friends' turned on you so viciously.


Anonymous said...

Adam, you should consider Janice's t-shirt idea. Better living through sarcasm. I love it! And if you do this, I want 2 t-shirts. Sm and Med.

And the "Friends" turned out to be anything but.

Who knew? (pun intended)


Anonymous said...


I am so disappointed in the Friends.