Saturday, April 4, 2009

Middleborough Election--Friends and Foes

Well, it seems to be that the Friends cadidate is history, and I move that we send Mr. Spataro a letter for his years of service. Perhaps that letter should be an "F."

Wayne Perkins only won by 43 votes and a prayer. I hear that's because he was going to have a man of the cloth at Town Meetings to give a benediction. You see, that puts God on his side. Wonder how that would work out in the face of a motion for an injunction. Wayne, I love ya...but learn when it's time to hang it up. Fishing sounds good about now.

All I know is that Steve McKinnon got the three year seat, and that looks good for Middleborough. Al, I have no judgment of you, but I will take you at your word that you are an independent voice and will support you until you prove otherwise. Come for an interview on the show, and lets have a little Coffee Shop Talk.


Anonymous said...

Unlike Mimi, I expect that Al will be nobody's fool. He is the Middleboro Friends candidate but he's no dummy and seems to be working hard to learn what he doesn't know.

Mimi was elected simply to further the interests of the casino. Al, I hope, has more substance.

By the way, why does everyone in town pretend that Middleboro Friends and Casino Friends are two different groups?

Fisher of Men said...

The other thing to keep an eye on is that Wayne Perkins and his wife are members of both groups. I don't know why nobody looks into that.

Anonymous said...

what makes you think no one is looking into that?

Anonymous said...

What is there to look into. They are so obvious, but everyone closes their eyes. The bullies of Middleborough are alive and well as the rest of Middleborough gives in. Not a very good way to live.