Friday, February 12, 2010

Knives in the Back!!!

It seems that Senator Pacheco is taking great issue with the Enterprise saying that his bill puts the casino out of Middleborough -- even though he represents Middleborough. I'm not sure what the flak is all about. His bill states that the Tribe will get a preference in Bristol County Market, and the bill he and State Rep Canessa and State Rep Calter--also two who are supposed to represent Middleborough--have sponsored even more clearly puts the casino in Bristol County, not Middleborough.

Marc apparently does not see the problem for Middleborough with the bill, and adamantly insists that he is not supporting the move of the casino out of Middleborough since putting it in Fall River wouldn't even put it in his district. But there is some sense for Marc in this scenario--the one where Middleborough loses.

In my opinion, I see the following:

1. Both bills on which Marc has placed himself are anti casino in Middleborough. His bill accepts the possibility that the casino go somewhere other than Middleborough, and the bill he and Calter and Canessa sponsored expressly puts the casino out of Middleborough. In fact, if he and Canessa actually had any respect for the Middleborough contract, the only preference that would be placed in the bill for the Tribe would be exactly where the deal in the IGA puts it--Middleborough. Marc and Steve have screwed Middleborough with the legislation, because that legislation creates a possible reward for the Tribe in leaving Middleborough, but staying in the region.

2. Why would Marc do this in an election cycle. Just look at where a number of his contributions come from and his loyalty to the race track. Move the Tribe out of Middleborough and protect Raynham. This is a move that makes a lot of sense, and would probably be good for BOTH the track and Middleborough under the right circumstances, but to continue to play like you are representing the interests of Middleborough, when the facts show that that is clearly not the case, is disingenuous at best.

As to the Tribe, where are they in telling Middleborough what they are doing. How can they just let the know nothing, do nothing BOS just sit in a round room looking for a corner. I am of the firm conclusion that they are using Middleborough as leverage and will drop Middleborough at the first sign of a better and cheaper deal. The problem is that the Tribal leadership is getting ready to give up their most prized possession -- their sovereignty -- to get a casino. Bad for the Tribal members, and a stupid play for a short term gain.

As to the BOS, they suddenly have been given an opportunity (again) to take hold of the situation and get some payout for the Town with their new found leverage, but they are stuck in neutral. This set back poses at least 3 different negotiation opportunities with both the Tribe and the State, where we could probably get significant money out of one or the other WITHOUT ever having to host the casino in our Town. Think about without impacts. That would satisfy both the pros and the antis, and would be a very nice conclusion to this perpetual soap opera. But, alas, our BOS has no creativity or acumen for finding the leverage points in these most recent, and seemingly negative, developments. Think hard BOS and you will discover that the way things are playing out, we have the power to get out of this whole problem with a flow of money in our pockets and a Town that stays just as it is--the best of all worlds. Or don't think at all and watch Middleborough get it in the back from Marc, Steve, and the Tribe. Tom has been up front on his position, so I have no beef with him.

Finally, it has become absolutely clear to me that no casino in Middleborough would probably be the safest result, since, as I have said before, the leaders of this Town are not capable to handle the 800 pound gorilla in the room. They certainly have no control over Marc Pacheco, and certainly do not command the respect or loyalty of Steve Canessa. If they did, neither Steve nor Marc would have the nerve to so disrespect the Town's contract with the Tribe by tortiously interfering with a known contractual relationship. If we can't get our own to respect us, then why do we expect the Tribe to respect us.


Anonymous said...

One man's stab in the back is anothers kiss on the cheek. IMO This is the first good thing senator "But for" has done for Middleboro in his entire career. Thanks Mark.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I am not going to disagree with you, since that is not my point. Tom Calter had the guts to stand up early and often to state his position--he didn't sneak up behind anyone. Also, if he wants to move it then why fight the obvious facts. Why not embrace the position in a forthright and upfront manner.
Like I said, its not his position that bothers me, it the politics as usual that does.

Wally Glendye said...

I've dealt with Tom & Marc before and found them to be "Charmers" in front of the public. Neither of them does anything unless it means numbers at the polls. They don't give a damn about the town of Middleboro because there isn't enough votes for them here.

Anonymous said...

i too am very interested in this piece of legislation. I just looked it up online and read the whole thing, and it doesn't seem to me that there is anything at all in the bill that excludes middleboro. what i read said that there would be 3 casinos, one in each of three pre-determined markets - (one of the markets consists of plymouth, bristol, and norfolk counties.)

AMB said...

It does not exclude it from Middleborough. I have already said that.

What it does is it ALLOWS for the casino to be somewhere other than Middleborough. If Marc and Steve actually were looking to protect Middleborough and her deal, then the bill would not allow for a preference in any place other than Middleborough. This is not a hard concept to grasp anonymous--the political game is afoot, and the foot is that of our own Senate and representatives to have the ability to coax the deal away from Middleborough, or they would have given a preference for the "Middleborough market."

AMB said...

Wake up and get the fact that we have no political representation in Middleborough, since we don't get out and vote, and we keep voting the same people back in.