Sunday, February 28, 2010

What was the point?

People have questioned the point of the plow gate suit, and certainly questioned my motives. As to the latter, think what you want about me, the results speak for themselves. As to the former, I will try to explain.

The "subject" of the suit was the plowing of the 15 private/unaccepted ways, and certainly is less important than the point. Much as the special 15 (and even the Select 5) think it was all about them, it wasn't. The point was that the people still own the government--its not the other way around.

The Town officials serve at the whim of the people, not only at election time, but also throughout their term. The people always have recourse for the improper or illegal actions of our public servants, and you can beat City Hall.

The point is that we the people own the seats (a la Scott Brown), and we only lose that ownership if we succumb to a lachrymose view of political history. We only suffer under the government yoke when we accept the choice of fear or inaction.

Here, a small group of citizens that had a point to make, made it -- for better or for worse. A Superior Court and an Appeals Court saw it the same way -- government officials are as subject to the laws as the rest of us huddled and unwashed masses. They actually can be forced to comply with the same standards that bind the rest of us.

Said more directly, government serves us, and at any time we can retake the reigns through concerted and focused action, through the polls, through commentary, and, if the circumstance warrants, even litigation. In Middleborough, contrary to popular belief, the Selectmen are not the all and powerful OZ, and we should stop treating them that way. Call them on their actions (or inactions) when they are wrong.

You may not like the cases when they are brought. However, the last two cases have shown that: (1) our BoS acts unconstitutionally in its "hearing procedures" (the dog appeal)and still refuses to adopt any; and (2) that the BoS has no right to simply and willfully disregard the law (plowgate).

So contrary to the BoS publicly stated view by its current Chairman, Selectman Brunelle, and Selectman Duphily, that the plow suit plaintiffs were mean-spirited, shameful, and not attuned to the Middleborough way, I note that two Courts have said otherwise. As to the "Middleborough Way" comment,the many life-time citizens on the suit (including the several veterans on the suit that served to protect our political freedoms) certainly contest such a statement, and would remind the Board that we live in America, and it always will be the American way.


Anonymous said...

Pravo, to you, Adam. You are and always will be a hero in my eyes.
It appears that you can do more for the community as a private citizen than as an illustrious Selectman.
May you pursue this further on September 14, 2011, to the best and for the best of your clients.
It is too bad that others cannot see you as being a very concerned and honest citizen.
Shame on the BOS, breaking the law. What are they teaching the children of this community? That it is ok to publically ridacule the people for fighting their ways?
That some people can be held to different standards ?
They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

Good job Adam.Time to vote them all OUT.

Anthony said...

Adam, I applaud you for these efforts.

Unfortunately, it's a candle in the wind. This kind of minor (but important) abuse goes on everywhere - local, state, country, world - and there are very few "Adam Bonds" willing to take the time and risk ostracism to fight it.

I have sometimes wished that I had taken up law instead of 'puters. Like you, I have a strong sense of injustice, but I'm mostly powerless to act on things that offend that.

Keep up the good fight, Adam.

Wally Glendye said...

Here is the actual quote that came from Pat Rogers 0n 12/7/09:

“This is not Middleboro’s way,” said selectmen Chairman Patrick Rogers, adding the suit was filed before selectmen had the opportunity to meet and vote on the issue. “It’s wrong and mean-spirited.”