Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dissed Again! First Marc...Now Cedric

As was reported by the Enterprise:

Cedric Cromwell, chairman of the Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, released a statement saying, “Once gaming is expanded, we intend to move forward with our plans to build a full resort-style casino in Southeastern Massachusetts under the rights afforded to us as a sovereign Indian tribe.’’

Are we invisible, or just chopped liver. All of our "friends" and "neighbors" seem to be looking straight through us in Middleborough. Marc Pacheco abandoned us for his racetrack agenda, and -- from what I can tell -- intentionally did not mention Middleborough specifically as a casino site in his legislation (both initial and to be corrected). Thanks Marc.. will be voting for you real soon.

Now, our great friends and saviors, the Mashpee Wampanoag, those beacons of forthrightness and eptitude, are also forgetting that Middleborough is where they signed an IGA to put a casino. Are we the ugly step sibling that nobody wants to say by name, even our betrothed, the Mashpee. Are we the date that puts out on a drunken night that the Mashpee just don't want to call the next day?

Cedric, can you say Middleborough...I bet you can. But you just don't actually say it when it when asked about your plans to build a resort casino. We are in Southeastern Massachusetts, so I can't fault you for that. Your geography is incredible, but pleeease tell me that you just had a senior moment and couldn't remember the word "Middleborough," like Shawn forgot it when writing to the Governor.

Folks, the Tribe has just answered the letter that the Town sent the Tribe to say "do we still have a deal?" The answer is, sure, unless I find a better looking, richer date in the meantime. We are being told to take the casino development money left on the bedside table, and be happy that we got some dinner first. The antis did say that gambling would increase prostitution--just look at what the Tribe is doing to Middleborough without any pushback from the BoS.

Middleborough Board of you feel used yet? Are you mad yet? Do something to wipe some of the egg off the face.


Mark Belanger said...

I think you and I agree that the BOS have blown every opportunity to improve the IGA. I don't know about you, but I think there is very little the BOS can do to improve the chances of a tribal casino coming to Middleboro. There may be something they could do to help the chances for a commercial one. Either way, there is definitely things they could do to improve the IGA and better protect the town.

As I look at what I consider to be a slim bordering on impossible chance for any kind of casino in Middleboro, the only thing that makes sense to me is that the Mashpee are using Middleboro as bluff leverage to get preference for a commercial casino in Fall River or New Bedford. If that is true, then Middleboro is really being used and we are being tricked into spending valuable time and energy on something that won't happen.

I hope that's not the case but that's what it looks like to me.

Anonymous said...

Why isn't there a condition in our agreement that prevents the tribe from talking to other cities? Could it be that the agreement was rushed, and we did not complete our due diligence?