Monday, May 17, 2010

Question for Comment.

Why can't a warrant article be placed on a Town Meeting warrant to declare the IGA terminated, based on the new facts, and to oppose any taking of the land into trust? That vote could then be sent to the BIA and our congressional delegates, and we could rezone the location as rural.

It seems only fair that with no deal, that the land should not be eligible as trust land with an open ended use. The Tribe has stated in no uncertain terms that they are not bringing the casino to Middleborough. If Middleborough sends the message that there will be a massive fight to take that land into trust, perhaps the leverage that the Tribe has oevr the state will dry up before the new gaming laws are passed. After all, the only reason the State gave into the Mashpee is the possibility of a casino on trust land. Remove that factor, and it may cause the state to rethink bumping the Mashpee to the front of the commercial casino line.

In any event, it is again time for the BOS to act, and to act strongly and definitively (Oh God we're in trouble). Take away the land into trust possibility, and the Tribe loses its luster to the State, and the Malaysians don't need the tribe in order to proceed.

My bet is that the BOS negotiates a short money deal with the Tribe, like they can keep most or the rest of the casino monies, in return for the BOS shutting up. Pretty weak, but most probable.

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